Varanasi (alternatively known as Banaras or Benares) is a centre of exemplary weaving. Earlier it was known for its unique cotton textiles as we found in Jataka Tales. According Ralph Fitch, an earliest English Trader who travelled through India and a chronicler who visited India during 1583 to 1586, too, mentioned Cotton Textiles of Varanasi. Gradually, it transformed into a centre for silk weaving.

It is believed that during the great famine of Gujarat in 1603, many Traders and Weavers migrated to this fertile land which has become a big commercial hub being the most important pilgrimage centre for Hindus and started their life afresh in and around the town. Perhaps, that was the time when Varanasi shifted its focus from Cotton to Silk as Gujarati Craftsmen were well-known for their silk weaving.

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Mr. Rajesh Shah - JDS Varanasi
Mr. Rajesh Shah - JDS Varanasi


Perhaps, during that time a Gujarati Trader with his family migrated to Chhapra- a small town in present day Bihar and started a business of Transportation of Goods to various centres. He changed his business to Insurance- something that was quite unknown to traders at that period of time, because of inefficiency of staff and continuous complains of theft. The descendants made fortune through the business.

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