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Varanasi (alternatively known as Banaras or Benares) is a centre of exemplary weaving. Earlier it was known for its unique cotton textiles as we found in Jataka Tales. According Ralph Fitch, an earliest English Trader who travelled through India and a chronicler who visited India during 1583 to 1586, too, mentioned Cotton Textiles of Varanasi. Gradually, it transformed into a centre for silk weaving.

It is believed that during the great famine of Gujarat in 1603, many Traders and Weavers migrated to this fertile land which has become a big commercial hub being the most important pilgrimage centre for Hindus and started their life afresh in and around the town. Perhaps, that was the time when Varanasi shifted its focus from Cotton to Silk as Gujarati Craftsmen were well-known for their silk weaving.

Perhaps, during that time a Gujarati Trader with his family migrated to Chhapra- a small town in present day Bihar and started a business of Transportation of Goods to various centres. He changed his business to Insurance- something that was quite unknown to traders at that period of time, because of inefficiency of staff and continuous complains of theft. The descendants made fortune through the business.

After a couple of centuries, the family decided to migrate to Varanasi to explore the business of textile weaving and started ‘Baldev Das Sarees’ in 1913 and made an instant & indelible mark on the industry. As family grew so does the business. The family that controlled this proprietorship business, finally decided to go for business partition for the benefit, not only of the family but for textile weaving industry too. That’s how ‘Jagadish Das Shah & Company’ (JDS) came into existence and proved their mettle with amazing business acumen coupled with unique aesthetic sense in weaving and designing.


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  • Today, JDS has a formidable staff strength of over 1200 skilled persons apart from masterly accomplished 5000 dedicated weavers. With their relentless support and sharp acumen of partners of the company, they have a turnover worth over Rs.100 Crore.
  • JDS has an extra-ordinary network of 3000+ satisfied Retailer Customers mainly in all cosmopolitan / metropolitan cities of India that includes the names of the most prominent & popular showrooms of the region.
  • JDS believes in maintaining equilibrium of our Mother Earth and its Environment. In the process, they have shunned using Acidic & Chemical Based Dyes and use Vegetable Dyes instead. They have their own Sampling Unit under the roof and use the recycled water during Dyeing Process to minimise the water wastage.
  • JDS has an ambitious plan to establish a shop under one roof which will not only cater to their Wholesale Customers but Retail Customers too clubbed with a unique Textile Museum primarily focussed on Banaras Textiles for the admirers and connoisseurs of Indian Textiles.
  • Jagdish Das & Co. is aware of its social responsibilities & morally obliged to contribute their best for the betterment & benefit of weavers who’re their strength and pillar to success. JDS contributes voluntarily to the education & health issues for the weavers and other staff alike.
  • Jagdish Das & Co. also deals in Real Estate Business in a big way in & around Varanasi through its sister concern ‘Virat Developers’.
  • JDS is already in the process of launching an E-Commerce Site in the name of Sacred Weaves which is under construction, to bring its beautiful creation to the reach of lovers of Banarasi Textiles spread throughout the globe.