Advantages of Shopping Banarasi Sarees from Famous Saree Stores in Varanasi

Advantages of Shopping Banarasi Sarees from Famous Saree Stores in Varanasi

Every one knows varanasi or banaras is popular  for it’s rich religious aspect and another is Banarasi saree. Banarasi sarees are the gold standard of Indian handloom weaves. The richness of these pure Kattan silk fabrics is only matched by the motifs and the borders in zari that come with it. Dig into this weaves of gold. Undoubtedly there are so many advantages if you do  your Banarasi saree shopping done directly from a banarasi Sarees shops in Varanasi city itself as it is  the main and oldest source of Banarasi sarees and where actually banarasi saree was invented.  Varanasi, Benaras or Banaras is the mecca of Banarasi saree weaving and trading through out  the world.

There is an unique cultural pleasure attached to this age old tradition of buying your saree  for marriage of daughter or any bride from traditional banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi or Banaras. If you are visiting India as a tourist then you must explore varanasi as a religious aspect of hindu culture and also pleasure of having your Banarasi sari from one of the famous banarasi sarees shop in varanasi.

It is not  foreign tourist only, but the young generation today who are use to the modern mall culture must experience this traditional banarasi saree shopping  right from any famous wholesale banarasi sarees store in Varanasi. You can discuss with elder generation such as  their parents  or grandparents about it and you will see them reminiscing about their past shopping experience  when they share  about  the customer service or  immense attention showered by  Jagdish Das & Co ( JDS ), Varanasi  sari store in banaras which is one of the oldest & biggets banarasi saris shop in Varanasi, showcasing  their eye catching designs after  designs in front of their customer.

Now days in the age of online shopping  it is  much easier and time saving to shop your Banarasi sari online. Even though you might rate comfort over Banarasi sari store hopping while you are in tour, there are  so much reasons which shows the online shopping is more beneficial and effective way for Banarasi saree shopping.

There is  always a difference between the designs and colors  shown in pictures online and in reality itself, because of certain lighting  or editing effect. Such as, a beautiful bridal Banarasi saree in red color might look a little bit light red color than the actual deep red color you opt for because of the soft light perhaps in which it was shot. Whereas  if you buy it from the store physically by visiting, it would be the perfect color that you have been searching for your bridal attire in your marriage or your dear one’s marriage.

If you physically visit a saree store, you can actually touch  and feel the quality of products before payment,  also you can ask to showcase various designs and even can  try them in the trial room before selecting the suitable one for you one which is not possible in online shopping. Also most of the banarasi silk sarees manufacturers in varanasi are very old and they do run business on the base of ethics, so one can  easily rely on their credibility whereas in online Banarasi saree shopping is not like so trustworthy. You might get cheated as far as actual product is concern.

All these Banarasi saree stores have the facility like, change of the saree if you are not happy with it or money back.  In case of online shop you can not enjoy all these facility specially change option if you are not happy.

You  might think you are saving money by shopping your Banarasi saree online. Then you are totally wrong. Remember the amount of discount that is announced on the website for advertisement, is almost gets covered in hr stamp, postage and other extra delivery charges that you have to pay while ordering for a saree online. So do not go by vibes use your brain also while shop.

JDS, Varanasi is one of such biggest banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi. Please visit the shop to enjoy the pleasure of full customer service, where customer are treated as a God and also enjoy traditional method of buying a saree and discover the various  latest as well as traditional and beautiful designs and creations of Banarasi sarees.

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