Banarasi Sarees – by the Weaver, from the Weaver

Banarasi Sarees - by the Weaver, from the Weaver

Following the tradition of threads all their lives, the only goal of the weavers of Banarasi sarees is to continue the thread of tradition. Acquiring high technical proficiency in weaving from their predecessors and passing them to their successors, these skillful artisans carry the passion of weaving in their hearts and are instrumental in keeping the invaluable legacy alive. Here is a heartfelt account of a Banarasi sari weaver on his profession and it is nitty gritty.

Tete a tete with a Banarasi weaver:

Question: Why are these sarees called Banarasi and why are they so important especially in our customs and wedding rituals?

Weaver: These silk sarees sample an ancient tradition practiced in our country from historic times. These sarees are the face of Banaras and they give our Banarasi culture an identity. Any wedding preparation in India begins by gifting a Banarasi saree which is made from pure silk threads in both warp and weft that are completely hand woven.

Question: Are these sarees called Banarasi sarees because they get made here or is there any other reason to it?

Weaver: There are two reasons to it; one that they get made here and the other is that the authentic traditional designs that mark these sarees are called Banarasi.

Question: What kind of demand do these Banarasi brocade sarees see and from where all do people come to Varanasi to buy them?

Weaver: People from across the country and even overseas acknowledge and appreciate our work and visit us to buy these wedding silk sarees.

Question: How how much time and effort goes into making Banarasi silk sarees?

Weaver: Banarasi sarees are 100% handloom silk sarees. Labour intensive, these sarees take anywhere between 25 to 30 days with the minimum of two weavers working on them at a time. Not only are these sarees good looking but they are also considered auspicious.

Question: Why are they considered auspicious?

Weaver: Banarasi sarees are considered auspicious because they are made from 100% pure silk and zari brocade and silk are considered auspicious in our culture.

Question: What is the price range of Banarasi sarees? What is the starting price and up to what range do these sarees go?

Weaver: Depending on the intricacy of work, the pure Banarasi silk sarees start from Rs 4500 and can go up to 4 -5 lakhs because of the real gold and silver zari threads involved.

Question: In spite of being so expensive, why are they so highly popular among women?

Answer: Every woman likes to be associated with her tradition especially on her wedding day, she would never prefer an Indo-Western look and Banarasi being out and out traditional becomes her first choice.

A tradition of threads, the story of Banarasi sarees is all about continuing the thread of tradition.

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