The Regal Jangla Silk Banarasi – A Sublime Affair

The regal jangla silk a sublime affair - JDS Varanasi

Trust JDS Varanasi for exquisite drapes straight out of your dreams. Best known for majestic Banarasi silk sarees, you’ll find the most intricately designed silk sarees at the store.

Top five things to do when you visit Varanasi


I must warn you at the outset that you will be required to redo your To-Do list when you visit Varanasi. It is an amazing city to observe & enjoy. You will find it difficult to identify where old merges into new and vice versa. Let’s give you some idea to streamline your what-to-do list […]

Keep Your Banarasi Silk Saree Forever New

Keep Your Banarasi Silk Saree Forever New - Jagdish Das & Company - JDS Varanasi

Banarasi silk sarees require care and maintenance which may appear cumbersome and time consuming, but actually it is simple and easy. It helps to keep the beauty of the attire intact.

Delve To Explore The Vibrant Holy City Of Varanasi

Jagdish Das & Company - JDS Varanasi

Banaras the present day city of Varanasi in U.P. is one of the most interesting and vibrant places to visit in India. From the numerous temple visits in the morning to women in bright sarees that line the Ganges for sunrise bathing, the cultural traditions passed on for centuries continue even today. Varanasi has a […]

Weaving magic in Varanasi

Varanasi handloom weavers need design support for survival

The city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh on the banks of the river Ganges is considered as one of the holiest cities in India. Characterized by a maze of narrow lanes and meandering by lanes it has a history of culture and traditional crafts that are centuries old. Varanasi has been a hub of silk […]

Rohit Bal Bats for Varanasi Handloom Textiles

Rohit Bal Bats for Varanasi Handloom Textiles

Fashion is nothing new to India. India is a country with ancient clothing tradition and has dressed its women gorgeously since pre-christen era. India has ample archaeological & historical evidences to prove the claim. Since then there was no looking back. During Mogul Era, Royal patronage to Fashion helped develop exquisite handloom weaving centres at […]

Be Responsible & Say No To Synthetics

Jagdish Das & Company - JDS Varanasi

Clothing is the only material that directly & physically surrounds human body other than natural elements day in and day out. The fabric we wear affects our health exactly the same way nature does. We’ve, unknowingly with our extreme short-sightedness, harmed our natural habits & habitat. We preferred to remain ignorant of the fact that […]

Paris Calling Varanasi Weavers

Paris Calling Varanasi Weavers

At a time when Banaras Handloom Textiles is into its roughest ride, the local representative in Indian Parliament Mr. Narendra Modi, who is India’s Prime Minister too, invited Mr. Emmanuel Macron – President of the global capital of Fashion Industry France on a state visit to Varanasi recently. Varanasi received the right person as guest […]

Loss of a spontaneous Brand Ambassador – Sridevi


Yes! She was Sridevi, the Heartthrob of millions. Love for Banarasi Saree came to her naturally. She influenced many beauties that joined Hindi Film Industry after her to wear the same. Yet she never knew that she instilled a sense of hope & encouraged weavers to excel their creativity and saved thousands from extinction. Varanasi […]

Saree-Not-Sorry: Why Sabyasachi Is Not Doing the World a Favour

Jagdish Das & Company - JDS Varanasi

Article by: NIDHI MAHAJAN “I don’t think Indian brides feel complete without wearing the colour red in one of their functions,” wrote the hallowed designer of celebrity wedding wear, Sabyasachi Mukerjee. The ‘sindoori’ red Mukherjee is talking about is of the (now famous?) Benarasi saree donned by new bride Anushka Sharma at Virushka’s Delhi reception.