Top 3 things to do when you visit Varanasi / Banaras / Benaras

Go for a Sightseeing Tour of Sarnath

Varanasi is one of the ancient cities in India, swarming with Hindu pilgrims who desire to have a dip in the Holy Ganges and cremate their dead near the ghats of the riverbanks. One of the main attractions of this spiritual city is the amazing stretch of embankment along the river Ganges, which includes more […]

Advantages of Shopping Banarasi Sarees from Famous Saree Stores in Varanasi

Advantages of Shopping Banarasi Sarees from Famous Saree Stores in Varanasi

Every one knows varanasi or banaras is popular  for it’s rich religious aspect and another is Banarasi saree. Banarasi sarees are the gold standard of Indian handloom weaves. The richness of these pure Kattan silk fabrics is only matched by the motifs and the borders in zari that come with it. Dig into this weaves of gold. […]

Varanasi handloom weavers need design support for survival

Varanasi handloom weavers need design support for survival

The geographical indication (GI) certification that the handloom Banarasi sarees from Varanasi enjoy since 2009 is an advantage that has not been fully tapped, feel many experts. “The Indian government should proactively promote GI certification for Varanasi handloom to weed out fake products. Besides marginalised weavers, it will also help consumers,” points out Dr Rajnikant […]

Traders hail Modi, Bollywood stars for breathing life into handloom industry

Mr. Rajesh Shah - JDS Varanasi

Their clothes, mostly handloom made, are influencing others to wear similar products and this in turn is boosting the business of the weavers’ community in India. What’s common between Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his cabinet colleague Smriti Irani, cine stars Rekha, Vidya Balan and actor turned-MP Kirron Kher? They all wear handloom products and are […]

The rise and fall of the Banarasi Handloom Saree


There was a time when Banarasi silks were the emperors of the saree market, but in the removal of trade barriers in 1991 and the coming of the power loom toppled them. Jagdish Shah and Ashok Dhawan are amongst the most well-established wholesale dealers of banarasi handloom sarees in Banaras. The duo take us through the […]

Preservation & Maintenance of Banarasi Handloom Fabric

Preservation & Maintenance of Banarasi Handloom Fabric

India has amazing talent in weaving textiles spread across every corner of the country with different varieties of fabric, design, embroidery in different regions. Varanasi has the distinction being, perhaps, the oldest one recorded by various foreign travellers and explorers. Banarasi Saree is the most prized possession as the traditional wear of all Indian Woman, […]

Know your Banarasi Saree – A brief introduction


Intelligentsia world over still debating the time period when a small hamlet slowly started to grow up alongside a gigantic and formidable river Ganga in the northern India, which acquired the name mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures and became world famous as Kashi – The City of Light while Ganga acquired the status of the […]