Change Is In Wearing Just One Dress Made Up Of Natural Fibers In A Week

Change Is In Wearing Just One Dress Made Up Of Natural Fibers In A Week

SADHGURU, a person with the most magnificent personality having a huge amount of generosity and love for the country in his heart. Recently he was there at NID, Ahmadabad to express his views on the very trendy and popular  #YouthandTruth, a campaign created by the famous SADHGURU. He shared a lot of ideas regarding his campaign and mostly about the condition of the Indian textile industry. He was called the fashion icon which was surprising for him as well, but it is absolutely true that apart from being down to earth, he is a fashion icon in a real sense. SADHGURU has always promoted the Indian textile industry and wants to see it, as it was prior to the British rule.

He talks about the culture of the India that is so enriched and has produced over 120 types of weaves within the country itself. This number is almost impossible to be achieved by any culture of the world.

India holds so many cultures in its womb, and each culture has its own type and method of weaving, dying, and creating the beautiful and quality fabric. SADHGURU still remembers the history of the country when around 60% of the world’s export was done by the Indian textile industry itself. It was the country of enriched quality fabric that was loved by the world. But after the British rule, everything was destroyed and the weaving industry came to a serious decline.

natural and synthetic fiber

He believes that the present condition of the country is a resultant of what Britishers have done to the country. He says that the condition of the farmers is because of there ancestors who were forced to leave the art of weaving.

Estimated by the SADHGURU, till the year 2025, more than 98% of the world’s fabric would consist of synthetic fiber which is nothing but a pollutant that is not only damaging our resources but our culture as well. The synthetic fibers consist of polymers that have entered into our food chains and has destroyed our resources and the environment.

This could be solved by just switching back to natural fibers that were produced in the country. It would not be only beneficial to the environment but would also help the country economically. If we the youth of the country follow the advice of the SADHGURU and follow his campaign then our country would be a lot more developed than what it is now.

JDS, Varanasi, popularly known as JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY have always thought of the environment before its profit. The brand not only produces the best quality fabric but also focuses on using natural raw materials such as cotton, jute, and silk. To be more clear JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY has an exclusive and the intricately designed collection of BANARSI SAREES. BANARSI SAREES is not only the primary choice of women but it is also made up of the natural fibers.

If the country is having such amazing brands like JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY which are promoting the use of natural fibers then that day would not be far enough when India and the world would again start the use of natural fibers. This process would be difficult and slow but we all can do this just by a simple change.

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