Indian Muga Silk to Heal Wounds Effectively

Indian Muga Silk to Heal Wounds Effectively

Right from the ancient period, India as a country has been widely recognized for its innovation and creativity, in the field of education, astronomy and medical science among many other fields. And with diverse nature in ethnicity and fibers produced in India, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology came along with a brilliant idea of treating the wound with the Indian Silk.

Yes, you heard it right. According to the Hindu, these researchers were able to develop a wound healing Nano-fibrous mat which can interact with the body tissues to help it recover and heal faster without any scars. Silk – that is a popular textile material is generally used to manufacture elegant Indian sarees, shawls and other fabrics – scientists around the country are continuously looking to use Silk, in order to develop new ways that can heal the body wounds faster and more effectively.

Researchers made use of protein from two different wild non-mulberry silk, commonly referred to as Muga and Eri, to prepare Nano-fibrous mat. This wound healing mat is prepared from PVA (non-protein polymer) that is mixed with silk protein and is then coated with an antibiotic and epidermal growth factor. Muga silk is quite popular and is known for its durability, glossiness, and texture in the textile industry. This type of silk has high tensile strength and thus can withstand a high amount of stress. However, unbeknownst until now, the silk material can also be used to heal the wound effectively without any scars.

According to the research, the experiments were conducted on rabbits to see if whether the Muga silk does heal wounds or not. And fortunately, the results did show that Muga Silk has extremely strong and physical qualities, when combined with polypropylene, providing a perfect solution for wound healing. The researchers are looking to get the technology patent and once the process is completed, use of silk mat or sutures can soon be seen in the Indian hospitals for healing wounds.

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