Jagdish Das And Co -JDS Varanasi Is Ready To Welcome The 15th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

Jagdish Shah And Company Is Ready To Welcome The 15th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas - JDS Varanasi

VARANASI, the land of traditions, culture and a perfect model of the ancient India. It is a city of vibrant colors, enthusiastic people and the world-famous Ghats. The land would welcome you with beautiful Ganga Aarti and a sunrise that surely is not to be missed.

VARANASI is also famous for the exquisite BANARASI SAREES and is the world famous producer of the BANARASI SAREES. And whenever there is a mention of BANARASI SAREES the stunning brand that is JAGDISH SHAH AND COMPANY, JDS VARANASI is mandatory to be mentioned. The JAGDISH SHAH AND COMPANY is not only the producer of the well woven and trendy BANARASI SAREES but also is the introducer of the Valkalam style. This style of weaving is antique, beautiful and a lot attractive to eyes.

15th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas - JDS VaranasiSince the 15th PRAVASI BHARATIYA DIVAS is going to be held in VARANASI really soon. And it is really important to know about the land of the culture before visiting this amazing city. The PRAVASI BHARATIYA DIVAS is going to be held in VARANASI from January 21 to January 23, 2019. The theme on which this PRAVASI BHARATIYA DIVAS is based on is really important for our country that is “Role Of Indian Diaspora In Building The New India.” This mega event is going to be organized in the city by the ministry of affairs of the country.  This event is also in the association with the government of Uttar Pradesh. The state and the city have started the preparations from the very beginning and is ready to welcome you all for this mega event.

This event is not only beneficial for the country but also marks the importance of the contribution of the countries around the whole world. This contribution has played a very important role in the development of the country. Since the event is organized by the country in the most amazing and cultural city of the India that is VARANASI. VARANASI is not only a city of the vast country like India. But it is the most diversified city that would be definitely going to attract your eyes. The vibrant colors of this city is going to welcome you with great pomp and show and with the tenderly love of the city.

Since you are going to visit this city really soon, so pack your bags and get ready to enjoy every moment of the city. This city would not disappoint you even for a moment’s time. You are going to love the excitement of the city.

And if you are really enthusiastic to purchase something that makes you remember about the city. Then you should definitely go and purchase a BANARASI SAREE. This city has amazing designs of the elegant and superb quality of BANARASI SAREES. So go ladies grab the most perfect drape and get ready to get molded in the culture and tradition of India. And if you are going to purchase the saree for anyone you love or just for yourself then you should go and visit the stores of JAGDISH SHAH AND COMPANY. The stores are ready to welcome all your demands and is ready to maintain your uniqueness in their traditional yet unique drapes.

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