JDS Varanasi Welcomes the Dev Deepawali with Folded Hands

JDS Varanasi Welcomes the Dev Deepawali with Folded Hands

India is a country of diversity. This land has witnessed a numerous number of festivals that occur every year in the country. As we all know that, a very religious and spiritual festival, DEV DEEPAWALI is around the corner. Generally, this festival has a great significance in Hindu community only. But this vibrant, colorful and amazing festival is celebrated by every person who believes in peaceful and spiritual festivals. It is celebrated with great pomp and show in Varanasi every year. Varanasi is assumed as a place where even the god resides. This five-day festival starts from PROBODHINI EKADASHI (i.e  11th lunar day of Kartik) and provides the enlightenment to the devotees till this vibrant festival DEV DIWALI.

JDS Varanasi Welcomes the Dev Deepawali with Folded Hands

It is performed on the GHATS of the RIVER GANGES where the MAHA-ARTI is performed. This spectacular GANGA ARTI would give you Goosebumps for sure. The sound of hymns, bells, thongs and millions of earthen lamps lighted up together would surely give your soul the never-ending peace.

This festival attracts the eyes of the spectators and as well as it induces the tourists to witness this beautiful festival. The most amazing and eye-catching sight is when the millions of earthen lamps are lit together in the still GANGA. This amazing and peaceful sight could fill anyone with peace and soulfulness.

Since a lot of tourists from the various parts of the country and even overseas especially plan their visit in the months of November and December to be the part of such a spiritual and soulful festival. DEV DEEPAWALI is in true sense the DEEPAWALI OF GODS. It is the belief of the devotees that on this night gods would come to bath in the pious RIVER GANGES.

DEV DEEPAWALI attracts all the eyes and if you are going to witness the repetition of history in such a beautiful manner then do visit Varanasi on this special occasion of DEV DEEPAWALI.

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JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY, JDS Varanasi welcomes all the visitors with folded hands full of love and respect.

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