Keep Your Banarasi Silk Saree Forever New

Keep Your Banarasi Silk Saree Forever New - Jagdish Das & Company - JDS Varanasi

The saree is one of the most beautiful traditional costumes that is worn by Indian women. The Banarasi silk saree has a universal appeal because it looks great and suits women irrespective of their skin complexion, personality or body type. Banarasi sarees exude an air of charm and simplicity around them, a reason why every woman possesses a few of these graceful silk sarees in their closet. No other attire makes a woman look more fascinating than this hand woven saree.

These silk drapes from Varanasi go with any occasion be it family function, corporate programs or weddings as they enhance the beauty of the wearer in a subtle way. This is one of the compelling reasons why silk sarees are an essential part of special events. To celebrate the approaching festival seasons in style just get yourself the latest Banarasi silk sarees from the enchanting festive presentation of Jagdish Das and company (JDS Varanasi). JDS Varanasi is one of the most famous silk saree shops in Varanasi, known for their highly acclaimed Valakalam style of weaving. Get hold of these best of the best sarees hand woven by master craftsmen of Kashi. The best saree store in VaranasiJDS has an unmatched repute because of their innovation and passion for creating masterpieces. Select from their repertoire of amazing brocades, tanchois, jamavars, vaskats, kadhuas, bootidars, kadhyials and tissues.

Once you have bought the Banarasi sarees of your choice it is imperative to know how to keep them looking just as new. So follow certain simple steps to maintain them. Storing the silk sarees in the right manner prolong their shelf life besides keeping intact the natural luster and look for a longer use.

Banarasi silk sarees require care and maintenance which may appear cumbersome and time consuming, but actually it is simple and easy. It helps to keep the beauty of the attire intact. They can be washed at home so one must also be aware how to preserve them with proper care.

To maintain the sheen and intricacy one should know how to wash, iron and store them:

  • The colour and the beauty remain intact only when cold water is used for the wash.Warm water, direct exposure to sunlight and rough handling should be strictly avoided. The border, pallu and body should be washed separately and gently with cold water, a mild shampoo can be used after that. One must prevent themself from applying undue pressure so that the threads don’t unravel and remain in place intact.
  • After being washed the sarees must be spread to dry immediately instead of being kept in damp bundles but do not keep the wet sarees under direct sunlight.
  • To straighten the creases one should iron the Banarasi silk saree gently preferably at low to medium heat. A thin cotton cloth could ideally be spread over the saree before ironing. Steam iron is the best option to exercise for removing the wrinkles.
  • After folding it gently wrapping the saree in muslin cloth will prevent the dust from gathering and as such preserve it better. Keeping dried neem leaves over the muslin wrap will keep the moths away.
  • While storing wooden hangers are advised to be used instead of metal ones because metal hangers may contribute to corrosion of the sarees. If using the wooden hanger is not an option then one may fold them inside out with as less number of folds as possible. The fragile silk threads in the weave may get damaged if the sarees are stacked one above the other. Moreover the folds should be changed periodically to prevent creasing and bunching of the fabric.
  • In case of stains it is better to give the saree to a professional dry cleaner for dry cleaning or petrol wash.
  • Preferably pure Banarasi silk sarees should be dry cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.

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