Malayio in Varanasi – Sweetness and Love Wrapped in The Earthen Pot

Sweetness and Love Wrapped in The Earthen Pot - Malayio

VARANASI is a place where you could be at peace and close to the traditions and culture of the country. No matter you are tourists or a local resident you would be definitely going to a strong and everlasting connection with the land only at the first sight.

VARANASI is popularly known as the land of saints and Gods. This land is mainly popular and known in the world for its intricate and amazing BANARASI SARIS and the most special and tasty BANARASI PAAN. You must have heard a lot about these two specialties.

But this article would make you fall in love with the third most popular dish of this pious city that is MALAYIO. MALAYIO is a recipe that is known only to the people of VARANASI. MALAYIO is a mouthwatering delicacy which is found in the land of BANARASI SARIS and is prepared with love and tenderness in the season of chilling winds basically from November to March.

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The most amazing and stunning fact about this delicacy is that, that it is prepared by the vendors of the city who have inherited this recipe from their ancestors and are in the business of preserving this exclusive sweet dish against all the modern and sugar free sweets.

MALYAIO generally includes only one main ingredient that is milk and these vendors very smartly and cleverly provide you the flavored milk generally with a layer of froth (foam) without even letting you know the secret of this recipe. Many chefs around the world have tried to match the essence of this delicacy but you will find its authentic taste only in VARANASI. MALAYIO is served in the wet earthen pot in order to provide it an aroma of traditions and is decorated with dry fruits and silver leaf.

MALAYIO would give you the most memorable taste as when the foam melts in your mouth and provide you a mouthful taste of sweetness that is not extra sweet but has a creamy texture would make your day a little extra sweet and worth. MALAYIO that is mainly prepared only in winter season has a specific reason behind its sales only in the winter season. As the foam or froth over the sweetened and flavored milk could only be sustained and maintained in the winter season over a longer period of time, that’s why MALAYIO is prepared only in the winter season to provide you the ultimate satisfaction and taste.

So next time if you are going to visit VARANASI for BANARASI SARIS or the world famous BANARASI PAAN, do visit and try this amazing delicacy in the city. MALAYIO would surely fulfill your expectations and satisfaction in terms of the taste as JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY, JDS Varanasi fulfills the expectations of the women regarding its quality and texture. Both MALAYIO and JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY are trying hard to create a world that respects its traditions and cultures more than anything.

JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY recommends you to taste MALAYIO at least for once in your life and enjoy its favors to your optimum satisfaction.

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