Negative Impact of Synthetic Fibers on Human Health

Negative Impact of Synthetic Fibers on Human Health

Clothing made out of synthetic fibers is full of toxic and harmful for our health. The most common materials used these days to make clothes are polyester, acrylic, acetate, and nylon. Yes, our generation is more favorable for fabrics which makes our life easier, such as stain resistant, wrinkle-free and insect repellant fabrics. However, what we tend to oversee is that those fibers or fabrics are a rich source of toxins which affects our health and environment.

Through years of research, health issues like cancer, immunity harm, and hormonal dysfunction have been linked with wearing toxic fibers and fabrics. Thus polyester, rayon, nylon and acrylic fabrics must be avoided, in order to maintain good health condition. Let us see, a more detail view on each of these fabrics and how each one of them affects the human health.

  1. Polyester

This fiber is made from synthetic polymers which are generally obtained from esters of Terephthalic acid and dihydric acid. Both of these are highly toxic and are not completely removed once the manufacturing process is completed. Thus, they find an easy way to sweep into our body through the moist skin. Research also confirms that most health conditions are caused because of excessive wearing of polyester fabrics. People who wear more polyester clothing are bound to be affected by skin problems like rashes, itching, dermatitis, and redness. In severe cases, people are also found dealing with issues like skin cancer and other types of cancer because of this. Behavioral changes and reduced sperm count are all associated with the excessive wearing of polyester.

  1. Nylon

Nylon is a petroleum-based product and is treated heavily with chemicals like caustic soda, formaldehyde, and sulfuric acid during its manufacturing process. One of the least eco-friendly textile material to prepare clothing, the fabric still contains a lot of toxins even after the manufacturing process is completed. Health conditions related to the frequent wearing of nylon include dizziness, skin allergies, cancer, headaches, and system dysfunction.

  1. Rayon

This fiber is produced from recycled wood pulp and involves the use of many different chemicals which includes carbon disulfide, ammonia acetone, sulfuric acid, and caustic soda. The common health conditions which are noticed due to constant wearing of rayon clothing include nausea, vomiting, headache, muscle pain, and insomnia. Not only it affects human health but also disturbs our environment through the release of chemicals in water.

  1. Acrylic

It is another synthetic fabric which is manufactured through a combination of different toxic chemicals and is one of the most common causes for women’s breast cancer. These fibers are not easily recycled and are also non-biodegradable, causing harm to the environment.

For more details on the issue, watch “Impact On Your Health From Synthetic Clothing and Toxins Used in Everyday Products” on YouTube

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