Newly Bride Deepika Padukone Looked Really Stunning In Her Banarasi Dupatta

Newly Bride Deepika Padukone Looked Really Stunning In Her Banarasi Dupatta

BANARASI pattern, a trendsetter dipped in royalty and tradition of our country. May it be a BANARASI SAREE OR A BANARASI DUPATTA, it makes a woman look confident and glorifies her beauty. BANARASI is just not a usual pattern, which could be produced casually. To create such beautiful and stunning patterns on the silk robe involves a lot of time and energy of the manufacturers. It is one of the styles that has created its place in the primary collection of women ethnic wear.

Recently the gorgeous and newly wedded couple, DEEPIKA PADUKONE AND RANVEER SINGH were seen in Mumbai after their wedding in Italy. The couple looked so stunning and really complemented each other. The thing which really surprised the media and the crowd was that DEEPIKA PADUKONE could not stop herself to showcase her love for the BANARASI pattern. She wore a beautiful gold embroidered RED SILK DUPATTA which exhibited amazing patterns that were loved by her fans.

Newly Bride Deepika Padukone Looked Really Stunning In Her Banarasi Dupatta

Since DEEPIKA PADUKONE has already made her love declared for the BANARASI sarees a lot more times before. So, it was expected by her fans that she would choose the BANARASI pattern. But to everyone’s astonishment, she did use the BANARASI pattern but in the most unique way. The amazing DUPATTA really complimented the beauty of DEEPIKA PADUKONE and she looked incredibly stunning, unique and royal.

DEEPIKA PADUKONE created a new trend for the newly married couples who really feel uncomfortable to wear a heavy sarees. The way she carried the BANARASI DUPATTA was influential and would create a benchmark for the women.

Just like the BANARASI DUPATTA of the diva DEEPIKA PADUKONE, we all can showcase our love for the BANARASI pattern. One of the most famous and the loyal brand named JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY, JDS Varanasi have used the art of converting the heavy BANARASI silk robe into different outfits. Apart from the various varieties of BANARASI SAREES, the brand JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY has fulfilled the expectations of the customers by delivering them some unique and different outfits. These outfits carry the style and pattern of BANARASI saree but are produced in the form of BANARASI DUPATTA, BANARASI LEHENGA and many more types of outfits.

JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY, JDS Varanasi has always presented itself as the most promising and loyal brand for the ladies. It has done various successful and beautiful experiments from just a regular BANARASI SILK SAREE. JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY have emerged as one of the trusted brands in terms of quality, texture, and style. The brand always creates something extraordinary and unique in terms of BANARASI pattern. So if you want to look lavishing and traditional just like DEEPIKA PADUKONE without even carrying something heavy, you should definitely visit the stores of the amazing and customer-friendly brand. It is a brand that offers you the best services and outfits made of BANARASI SILK. JAGDISH DAS AND COMPANY wish the newly wedded couple DEEPIKA PADUKONE AND RANVEER SINGH a happy married life.

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