Paris Calling Varanasi Weavers

Paris Calling Varanasi Weavers

At a time when Banaras Handloom Textiles is into its roughest ride, the local representative in Indian Parliament Mr. Narendra Modi, who is India’s Prime Minister too, invited Mr. Emmanuel Macron – President of the global capital of Fashion Industry France on a state visit to Varanasi recently. Varanasi received the right person as guest at the right time.

Paris is the centre of attraction for International Fashion Industry. French people are connoisseurs of extremely fine textiles while handloom weavers of Varanasi weave even finer textiles. Time has come for weavers/ designers of Banarasi Saree to work upon designing/weaving finer quality of dress materials too that can compete with other textile manufacturers of international repute. Traders should reach out to Paris based Fashion Designers with exquisite Banaras handloom fabrics according to their choice. They’ve to work hard, do extensive home-work, thorough research & development before they’re land at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to knock the door of the world of International Fashion.

Both Governments are encouraging bilateral trade between India & France. Varanasi never had such opportunity before. This is the time to make presence of Banaras felt at International Forum of Fashion. Textile Designers & Weavers should revive forgotten style of handloom weaving & designs for international fashion world and the connoisseurs to use and appreciate.

This is the best opportunity provided by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to his constituency. A success in Paris would surely mean a higher standard of living for everyone associated with this sector.

Remember that acceptance in Paris will automatically open the door for Banarasi Fabrics towards Milan, Italy. The moment Milan spreads its arms to welcome Banaras Handloom Fabrics rest of the developed world won’t be far away.

Wake up! Get ready! Grab the opportunity. It is now or never situation. Jagdish Das & Co or popularly known as JDS Varanasi which is one of the oldest banarasi saris shop in Varanasi and traditional banarasi saris shop in Varanasi is gearing up at full throttle to take the advantage and to take Paris by storm.

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