Be Responsible & Say No To Synthetics

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Clothing is the only material that directly & physically surrounds human body other than natural elements day in and day out. The fabric we wear affects our health exactly the same way nature does.

We’ve, unknowingly with our extreme short-sightedness, harmed our natural habits & habitat. We preferred to remain ignorant of the fact that everything that is manufactured by men synthetically & processed chemically are harmful to our health beyond repair.

Fabric remains the most important material that covers our sensitive skin 24 hours a day, affects our health seriously. Often we forget to consider the fact that all synthetic fabrics are processed with highly toxic chemicals while buying clothes. We often fall for marketing gimmicks in the name of Rinkle-Free, Stain-Free, Maintenance-Free fabrics without realising the fact these are possible only after processing with dangerous and toxic chemicals.

Excessive use of synthetic clothes can, even, cause cancer. Scientist Fraternity worldwide is working extensively on disadvantages of synthetic fabrics. To stay remain in tandem with Mother Nature, humans should, ideally, quit using synthetic fabric and embrace fabrics made of natural fibres like Silk, Cotton, Linen, Wool, Hemp, Jute for their daily usage.

Jagdish Das & Co., Varanasi (JDS Varanasi) is draping all beautiful Indian Ladies with their exclusive Banarasi Pure Silk Sarees since a century and holds it paramount to spread awareness regarding health hazards of using synthetic sarees among ladies. JDS Varanasi has its own facility to process silk yarns and ensures that it never uses chemicals either during process yarns or final washing the finished goods.

Make it sure whenever you plan to visit market to by saree for yourself, insist upon pure natural fabrics and inquire about the use of chemicals & dyes.

Don’t forget that you are the person responsible for your health. Be responsible and Say No To Synthetic Fabrics.

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