Rohit Bal Bats for Varanasi Handloom Textiles

Rohit Bal Bats for Varanasi Handloom Textiles

Fashion is nothing new to India. India is a country with ancient clothing tradition and has dressed its women gorgeously since pre-christen era. India has ample archaeological & historical evidences to prove the claim. Since then there was no looking back. During Mogul Era, Royal patronage to Fashion helped develop exquisite handloom weaving centres at various regions.

Bombay Film Industry, too, influenced fashion and modern trend gain acceptance among connoisseurs. Government of India recognised the potential of Fashion Industry and set up National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in 1986. Thus born a generation of amazing Fashion Designers that started experimenting, not only in Fashion, in fabrics also.

Rohit Bal is one of the pioneers in experimenting with fashion. His contribution to fashion designing earned him worldwide acclamation. He vigorously promoted handloom fabrics especially made in Varanasi. Rohit believes that India with its extra-ordinary traditional heritage of handloom weaving doesn’t require any artificial & synthetic fabrics to create fashion. Traditional heritage of Indian Handloom Weaving of Varanasi transcends the time.

During Indian Fashion Week held recently, he expressed his happiness when he was asked by Journalists about growing acceptance of Handloom Fabrics in fashion designing amongst the famous national & international community of fashion designers specifically mentioning organic handloom of Varanasi.

Rohit Bal himself is a vocal advocate of Varanasi Handloom Fabrics including fine Banarasi Sarees. He walks his talk and aggressively uses the same while creating exclusive men’s & women’s wear.

Jagdish Das & Co. (JDS Varanasi), one of the largest manufacturers & traders of Banarasi Saree, is proud to be a part of his endeavour. JDS Varanasi reiterates its commitment to popularise traditional heritage of Banarasi Silk Saree weaving.

Video Credit: NDTV

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