The Regal Jangla Silk Banarasi – A Sublime Affair

The regal jangla silk a sublime affair - JDS Varanasi

Most women are fascinated by sarees and look absolutely resplendent draped in one. Their ethereal beauty, poise, and sublime demeanor are an epitome of femininity in a Banarasi handloom silk. The benchmark of a niche class the charm of these Banarasi silk attires has to be seen to be believed. It can be well gauged from their immense popularity and the reality is that young girls, adolescents, and elderly women alike have a craze that defies the horizon of logic and rightly so.

This is the reason even today women belonging to different strata and age segments buy Banarasi sarees with the enthusiasm and zeal of a young novice. The exquisitely handcrafted silk sarees of Varanasi are the dream weave women crave for especially during the festive season, weddings and auspicious occasions apart from corporate events. The more you extoll about the virtues of the fabled silk weave the less it is.

Fashions come and fashions go but Banarasi sarees have a growing legion of fans having a discerning sartorial sense. The globally acclaimed Banarasi silk is a hallmark of commendable workmanship that assimilates traditional motifs with contemporary designs and attractive shades that are truly one of a kind. The beautiful eye-catching patterns and sophisticated designs tell a lot about their legendary craftsmanship. But you might be thinking why we are going at length about these magnificent silk sarees.

The air of excitement, the festivities the impending celebrations the Navratras and Diwali are around the corner and your wardrobe definitely requires some fresh off the loom Banarasi that are going to be show stoppers.

The Banarasi jangla silk saree is a superb piece of innovative artistry. You can find best jangla silk sarees in an endless variety of color combinations and designs at the famous banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi – Jagdish Das & Co or popularly known as JDS Varanasi which is one of the oldest banarasi saris shop in Varanasi and traditional banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi.

Why silk?

Silk is the wondrous fabric that has sheen and texture which enhances its grandeur. The natural fiber of silk was discovered by chance in China and the first cloth of silk was said to be woven around 6000 B.C. Ever since then silk has got a wide acceptance across continents and is the most popular fabric in terms of high-end usage. The marvel of Indian silk handcrafted by traditional artisans and master weavers is simply unmatched. Banarasi silk has a universal niche appeal because of its uniqueness. Brocades of Banaras woven on jacquard looms in pleasing hues and intricate designs are known for their rich and royal look.

 Naturally one wants to know about the beautiful Banarasi brocade.

Banarasi brocade:  It is a specialized weaving technique undertaken by highly skilled artisans who have perfected the art of weaving Banarasi silk brocade sarees. The excellence of the weaving process deployed can be understood by the innovative method which uses an additional weft of gold or silver to create different designs with amazing patterns. The extraordinary feature of the weave is that the pattern or the motifs made with the zari threads are independent of the base or the ground which makes the design to be visible distinctly.

There are two kinds of Banarasi brocade sarees:

  • Kadhua brocade: In this type of silk brocade saree, the additional gold or silver weft does not run across the width of the saree.
  • Fekua brocade: In this continuous silk brocade the extra weft runs from one end of the weave to the other weaving patterns or motifs across the width of the saree. 

Banarasi jangla saree:

The jangla saree from Varanasi is a variety of Banarasi silk brocade characterized by highly intricate weaves. Jangla sarees have a natural theme woven all over the saree. Usually, patterns depicting wild flowers, birds, creepers and other motifs related to nature are made throughout the body of the saree. A rich jangla silk saree has dense forest scenes woven deftly with gold and silver threads. The jangla with entire floral “jaals” or “bael” are the most coveted Banarasi sarees. Besides the “jaal” pattern individual motifs like amazing paisleys, floral and leaf designs worked all over are priceless treasures to be cherished by a few.

The temperate weather and the receding cloud line is ample hint of the festivals to come. Enjoy the festivities of Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali and later on the wedding season with a touch of class.

The temperate weather and the receding cloud line is ample hint of the festivals to come. Enjoy the festivities of Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali and later on the wedding season with a touch of class.

Trust JDS Varanasi for exquisite drapes straight out of your dreams. Best known for majestic Banarasi silk sarees, you’ll find the most intricately designed silk sarees at the store. You won’t just be buying a saree but with it you’d get the essence of the holy city and its famous galis, the meandering lanes where these silk sarees are made. So don’t waste another second here and go shop for the bestBanarasi jangla sarees to your heart’s content!

The latest festive collectibles of the best hand woven Banarasi silk sarees inspired by nature and tradition with pastel and bright hues incorporating a whiff of designer effect will magnify your grace and zest.

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