Top five things to do when you visit Varanasi


I must warn you at the outset that you will be required to redo your To-Do list when you visit Varanasi. It is an amazing city to observe & enjoy. You will find it difficult to identify where old merges into new and vice versa. Let’s give you some idea to streamline your what-to-do list while in Varanasi.

Though Varanasi may appear filthy and unmanageably chaotic to you at first, but it has its unique character with equally unique people when you start exploring with interest. Varanasi offers its best from September to February. That doesn’t necessarily means it offers any less during March to August.

  1. Let’s start with morning. Even if you, otherwise, a late riser, jump out of your bed, put on your casuals and dash to river bank before sun is yet to peep on your face with its soothing rays. Watch Sun rising slowly from the tree lined other side of Ganga. Believe me, its heavenly. If you want, you can be the witness of this marvel of nature, continuing daily since our dear old Earth was formed. Yes! The phenomenon is that old, yet, it looks absolutely new every day, from boat while looking at some architectural marvels at the Ghats contributed by various Indian Royal Families. And, Yes! Don’t forget to visit Ghat again in the evening to watch the most scenic Ganga Arati too.
  2. Walk through the heritage lanes and watch sprawling homes of noble families who contributed their worth to make the town what it is today, various temples with intriguing stories behind them. Don’t forget to visit Bharat Mata Mandir. Don’t worry! Though it is named as Temple but it has nothing to do with the religion. It is a unique temple dedicated to Mother India.
  3. Don’t shy away from tasting the local delicacies like Chaat, Kachauri et al. Stop whining about your growing sugar level in your blood when you are in Varanasi. You must taste Sweets produced in the town. You will instantly realise why the people here have sweet tooth and never worry about death. They simply love to eat giving damn to death. If you’re a collector of exquisite Handloom, Handicrafts made out of variety of items, Carpets, you are at the right place. If you’re a photography enthusiast, Varanasi is Photographer’s delight. If you’re into Academics, there are 3 Universities, a Buddhist Institute for Higher Learning, couple of Islamic Seminaries are eagerly waiting to welcome you. If you’re interested in learning more or practice Hinduism, Buddhism, Jaininsm, you are at the best place in India.
  4. Last and the most important; to enjoy, to appreciate, to feel the rich heritage of exclusive & exquisite Banarasi Textile which was patronised & used by none other than Buddha himself, enhanced the weaving techniques, creative designs by Moghul Empress Noor Jehan and regularly flaunted by the acknowledged beauties of Indian Film & Fashion Industry, visit the Gigantic Showroom of Jagdish Das & Co. (JDS Varanasi) at Chowk, Varanasi. You’ll never regret your decision.

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