Trending – Banarasi Sarees for Office & Formal Wear


Indian saris are one of the most versatile garments in the world. Saris have been worn in India for many centuries by women belonging to different cultures and regions and consequently, there are many different types and varieties of saris for different occasions available in the market.

TRENDING – BANARASI SAREES FOR OFFICE & FORMAL WEARIn recent years, most of the banarasi silk sarees manufacturers in Varanasi, as well as famous wholesale banarasi saris stores in Varanasi and the weavers of Varanasi, are also undertaking changes in the design and pattern of the product, along with product diversification so the popularity of this banarasi hand-loom garment has  not only increased but  many new types of saris have been created by designers, which incorporate more modern, western elements in their look.

The versatility of the banarasi saree is such that it can even be worn at business conferences and office party. In fact, for many women with traditional and conservative tastes, formal saris are their preferred clothes for the office.

Even most of the top women corporate business leaders in India choose a saree when it comes to dressing up for office and office related important meeting. Banarasi saree has a certain class and aura which suit them perfectly.

You can find Banarasi sarees for office wear in an endless variety of color combinations and designs, all of which are perfectly suitable for wearing in any office from the famous banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi – Jagdish Das & Co. or popularly known as JDS Varanasi, which is one of the  oldest banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi and traditional banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi.

Why banarasi saree in the office or as a formal wear?

The soft and skin friendly fabric:

The banarasi saris that are appropriate for office wear are generally woven using a lighter silk yarn. The sheen on these saris is generally more muted so that they are more appropriate and comfortable to wear during the daytime. The colors too are not so bright, so it gives an ethnic look with proper office attire.

Variety of design and color:

The designs and patterns also tend to be simpler and less vibrant due to product diversification, focused on creating an understated and chic look which does not overwhelm the senses. That does not mean that the variety of designs in case of banarasi saree for office catalogue is in anyway limited at all these biggest banarasi saris shop in Varanasi.

A banarasi saree for formal use will naturally be quite different in its look from the informal, casual wear saris as well as dressy party wear versions. In certain respects, the formal banarasi saris for office follow the rules of all office attire. They tend to come in muted, subtle shades such as grey, white, beige, tan, navy blue and light pastel hues, which you can find at these banarasi saris shop in Varanasi.

Intricate embroidery:

Delicate and detailed embroidery works at the borders or all over the saree is also a beautiful art and elegant type of pattern on formal saris or office party wear. If embellishments are used at all, they are restricted to the borders. Simple, light and matte embellishments made with beads are preferred over the more colorful and glittering patterns than the other saris.




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