Use of Elegant Banarasi Fabric in Home Furnishing and Decor


With the change in time and consumer preference, most of the Banarasi silk sarees manufacturers in Varanasi, as well as famous wholesale Banarasi sarees stores in Varanasi and the weavers of Varanasi, are also undertaking changes in the design and pattern of the product, along with product diversification. The growing demand of the overseas buyers for all these non-conventional products is the major reason for product diversification in this hand-loom sector according to the owner of all these biggest Banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi. When you are thinking of home furnishing then what else could be better fabric option than Banarasi silk fabric. In order to cater to the need of the overseas and domestic customers, the hand-loom weavers attached to the Banarasi Sarees shops in Varanasi are also producing various home furnishing, mats, wall hanging, made-ups like a curtain, table cover, cushion cover, runners, etc.

USE OF ELEGANT BANARASI FABRIC IN HOME FURNISHING AND DECORWhy would you opt for Banarasi fabric for home furnishing or decoration?

Apart from being an elegant, ethnic Banarasi silk fabric is a delicate one in type and very suitable for mature areas such as formal living rooms for its vibrant color. Another advantage is it does not stain easily, but if gets soiled or dirt, this fabric material requires to be professionally cleaned. Banarasi silk is hypoallergenic in nature and thus it is very suitable to the people with allergies and is also resistant to fungus and mold. The Banarasi fabric material is strong so it lasts long, yet lightweight and adds a wonderful luster to your home furnishings in a unique way, it instantly adds a touch of regal glamour to the interior.


You can use this fabric to decorate your dream home. Make cushion covers out of it, colorful cushion covers that will match your decor, that would add an instant blast of to your interiors.

The vibrant fabric would make for great table mats too. You can also use this soft fabric as sofa covers that help keep your upholstery pretty. There is no limit to the many ways you can use this fabric to create a dream home or make your home more classy and stylish, colorful..

Make a colorful bed cover, pillow cover and use the embroidery fabric in an artistic way. You can choose a soft Banarasi fabric for fancy window shield or curtains.

With the touch of heavy embroidered borders, this fabric can be used to make a table runner that can be used to beautify your abode. This one is the simplest way, just spread an embroidered fabric cover on the dinner table when you have guests over to give it a fancy makeover instantly.

You can easily buy all these Banarasi fabric home furnishing items from the famous Banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi – Jagdish Das & Co, Varanasi or popularly known as JDS Varanasi, which is one of the oldest Banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi and traditional Banarasi sarees shop in Varanasi.

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